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Segerstrom High School Key Club Cheer - 07/30/2013
Elizabeth Rivas, a member of the Santa Ana Kiwanis Club, joins students from Segerstrom High School Key Club to give their Key Club Cheer. The Santa Ana Kiwanis weekly meeting theme was "Hawaiian."

Santa Ana Kiwanis Club assists Western Service Workers Association - 06/02/2013
Kiwanis members pick up bread from local Costco for distribution to needy families.

2013 Kiwanis Scholarship Awards - 05/28/2013

Santa Ana Barrier Free Park=Success! - 05/16/2013

We were pleased to welcome more than 100 kids with “special needs.” There were also members of the Santa Ana Kiwanis Club, teachers from Segerstrom High School and Valley High School, and Frances Cadanas, a staff member of Supervisor Janet Nguyen who has attended several years.

Kiwanis Handicapped Bowling 2013 - 02/21/2013
More than 10 schools and 150 kids with special needs had a great day.

Santa Visits Carl Harvey Elementary School - 12/23/2012
Santa distributes gifts to kids with special needs.

Santa Visits Valley High School - 12/23/2012
Santa distributes gifts to kids with special needs at Valley High School.

Kids with Special Needs enjoy Kiwanis Annual Picnic - 05/16/2012
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Over 70 kids with "Special Needs" enjoyed the Kiwanis Barrier Free Park facilities and a picnic lunch. Kids, Teachers, Kiwanis members and Guests enjoyed this annual event. The Kids are from Valley HS, Segerstrom HS and Carr Intermediate School. The Santa Ana Kiwanis Club has a long history of supporting children with physical and mental challenges. The Barrier Free Park is located within Thornton Park and is fenced and provides 5 acres of playground, picnic area, a sports court and walkways throughout the Barrier Free Park.

Wow! You should’ve been there! - 03/22/2012
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Wow! You should’ve been there!

by Les Washington

No, I am not talking about the Governor’s visit nor am I talking about the newest Robert De Niro movie. I am not even talking about the Anaheim Ducks game in the Honda Center on Sunday. What I am talking about is the annual Division 4’s Special Needs Kids annual outing at Fountain Valley Bowl.

Yes! You should’ve been there!

There were at least 175 kids of all the full range of elementary school ages and all were anxious to line up at one of the many lanes available at Fountain Valley Bowl. There they were, all 175 of them facing varying degrees of limitations in physical mobility and other cognitive functions, but yet each and...

Santa Comes to special needs kids in Santa Ana - 12/15/2011
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This year's Santa (Dr. Alberto Manetta) and his elves Dave and Bob Gross, Les Washington, Bob Citron, Jim Griset and John Karpierz were greeted by hundreds of very excited kids from Segerstrom H.S, Valley H.S, Carl Harvey Elementary and Carr Intermediate. Gifts were distributed to almost 100 children with special needs.

Santa surprised the children in class at Carl Harvey Elementary with his Elves handing out Candy Canes.

Santa #2 was thrilling the kids at John Adams Elementary with "super elf" Lew Bratcher making sure all the children were gretted by Santa. We will be getting a report from Lew with photos from John Adams Elementary where over 45 children with special needs were given their Christmas...

Largest “Target Shopping Spree” ever! - 12/07/2011
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Santa Ana Kiwanis club members, guests and teachers assisted 32 children who
were given $100 each to shop for their families for Christmas. The Santa Ana
Kiwanis Club partnered with the local Target store at 3300 S Bristol, Santa Ana.
The children were selected by their school teachers from Carl Harvey and John
Adams Elementary based on the financial needs of their families. The great
shopping spree started about 9:10 AM and the last child checked through the
register about 10:00 AM! These kids were “Super Shoppers”

Santa Ana Unified School District sent a reporter/video photographer who
did several interviews with the kids, kiwanians, guests, Teachers and Target

Santa Ana Kiwanis President...

Alfredo Amezcua honored - 10/16/2011
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We at the Kiwanis club have had the blessing of Alfredo Amezcua's passion and excitement breathing new life into our club. He's done a lot so far and we were glad to name him Kiwanian of the Year. You can read more in the OC Register at

Helping to make things right - 06/27/2011
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Sometimes, what seems like a terrible event can have an extremely positive result. That seems to be the case for our scholarship winner Marlon Aviles. We may not be able to change the lives of every young person, but when they're motivated for success, that's where we can come in and support them most. Read about Marlon's amazing story of new beginnings here:

Nothing stopping them now - 05/18/2011
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Not all kids are created equal, but the one thing that holds true no matter what is they all need a place to play. Every year we bring kids from schools in Santa Ana to celebrate in a park we helped create, just for them. Take a look at what the OC Register had to say about the 2011 Barrier Free Park picnic here:

Kiwanis gives kids vision in more ways than one - 02/02/2011
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The Kiwanis club of Santa Ana believe in helping improve kids vision for the future all the time. But we also believe that helping their little eyes is equally as important. Read all about it in the OC Register here:

Santa visits 3 schools over 100 Special Needs Kids! - 12/16/2010
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Our own Santa, Dan Oldewage brought smiles to over 100 “Special Needs” kids by handing a gift to each child. Santa’s elves…Dave Gross, Bob Gross (Dave’s son) Gary Drake, Les Washington, Jim Griset and paparazzi John Karpierz assisted Santa at each School. Carl Harvey School was the 1st stop and also included Santa and his elves visiting each classroom passing out candy canes. Next was Segerstrom HS where over 30 kids visited with Santa and his elves. The final stop was at Valley HS where over 40 kids really got into the Christmas spirit as Santa spoke to each child and gave them their gift.

While at Segerstrom HS word got out that a child had “no clothes” other than the tattered shirt and pants...

Annual See's Candy Sales - 12/03/2010
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The Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana will be selling See's Cany at Albertsons Center on 17th Street and in front of Stater Brothers Market on Tustin Avenue the next three weekends.  This non profit community service organization has been raising funds since 1920 to assist the children of Santa Ana through a number of approved programs.  The proceeds from our See's candy sales is used to provide meaningful programs that benefit the children of Santa Ana and their families.  For information about our See's candy project contact Charlie Fox at 714-544-4036.

Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana provides Fairview Learning Program to Taft Elementary Deaf and Hard of Hea - 03/25/2010
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Kiwanian John Karpierz, Chair Young Children Priority One/Handicapped Youth Committee presented a check in the amount of $1,200.00 for the purchase of the Fairview Learning Program to Taft Elementary Principal, Steven Longacre and Special Needs Teacher Nancy Davis.  This program will be used to help the 120 deaf and Hearing Impaired kids attending Taft Elementary in Santa Ana.


The Fairview Learning Program is being used in the Santa Ana Middle and High Schools but not in the Elementary Schools.  The kids at Taft Elementary will now have a leg up so when they arrive at Middle School, their reading skills will be improved.


The Fairview Learning Program is dedicated to helping...

S.A.P.D. Officer Weston Hadley awarded Officer of the Year by Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana - 03/10/2010
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Every Year the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana (a non profit Community Service Organization) honors Santa Ana Police Department personnel with the “Officer of the Year” presentation. 


2009 recipient is Officer Weston Hadley, a 15 year veteran of the SAPD currently assigned to the Traffic Division.


Officer Hadley keeps busy as the SAPD Grant Coordinator and through his recent efforts, secured a $289,000 grant to combat the serious problems, otherwise not funded, of Drunk Driving.  He has been responsible for $1,000,000 in grants awarded to the SAPD.  Officer Hadley will soon receive the MADD Century award for arresting over 100 Drunk Drivers during 2009.  Officer...

Wheeler’s Club assists Special Needs Kids - 02/16/2010
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The Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana, a community Service club donated $500 to The Wheeler’s Club at their meeting February 17, 2010.  The Wheeler’s Club provides needed school supplies to Special Needs Kids at several Schools in Santa Ana.  These supplies go to the most needy as requested by the school teachers in the Santa Ana School District.  Without the assistance of the Wheeler’s Club, many low income families could not afford basic school supplies.


John Karpierz, Chair of the Young Children Priority One/Handicapped Youth Committee introduced Kiwanis Members George Upton and Terry Stetler (both active in Wheeler’s Club) and presented the $500 check.  For more information...

We're just one of many groups doing great things - 01/18/2010
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There are so many groups doing great things in our community and we consider ourselves fortunate to be in the company of these other amazing organizations. Take a look at what the OC Register had to say about what groups are doing this winter:

It is not ADD ... It is a VISION PROBLEM ! - 01/12/2010
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The Santa Ana Unified School District, with participation by the Southern California College of Optometry and the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana, examined over 600 pre-schoolers.  One of every four children had vision issues.


A team made up of Dr. Janet Armstrong, O.D., school nurses Collette Bywater and Juanita Stefun, and volunteers from the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana conducted the vision screening.  Kiwanis volunteers were coordinated by Clint Hopson, Foundation Vice-President; Les Washington, Community Services Chair; and member Gordon Niedringhaus.


Joey was a handful for his teachers. He wiggled, cried and could be very disruptive.  He wasn’t making much progress in...

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This week’s pick-up of leftover bakery products at the Irvine Costco for use by the Western Service Workers Association (WSWA) Food Program was gigantic!  Four carts of various bakery products filled the Honda Odyssey of Kiwanian Bob Stopher to overflowing.  This generous donation by Costco will HELP feed needy families in Santa Ana that are served by the WSWA Food Program.

Lisa Schwartz, Director of WSWA stated that this bakery donation will enable them to have significant impact filling the stomachs of the many members we serve every day through our food program.  “It is a blessing”.

The Santa Ana Kiwanis members who pick up and deliver the bakery goods to WSWA were astounded...